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DataTale was founded in 2007 by Fabrice Harari to provide services in the software development market. 

DataTale specializes in the use of PCSofts development tools: WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile.
Now a little more about our founder:

Born in 1962, Fabrice Harari has been a professional software developer since 1985 and with WinDev since its version 1.5.

Fabrice founded his first software company, called AxlInfo, in 1987 to develop both horizontal and vertical software for all kind of enterprises. Originally working in the Prologue/Bal/Abal universe, Fabrice “converted“ to WinDev when the rise of Windows became a tidal wave, around 1993.

From the beginning, Fabrice was very active in the WinDev community, creating the web site that was later renamed windasso.org, the first associative web site about WinDev. This web site had the particularity of being written in html on the browser side, and in WinDev on the server side.

Fabrice was a founding member and the first president of the WinDev Developers association when it was created in December 2000 under the WinDevAsso name.

In 2000, Fabrice also co-wrote the first independent book ever published on WinDev: the 'WinDev Developer Guide' (Guide du développeur WinDev).

In 2001, Fabrice was recruited by an American company, Selltis LLC, and spent several years in Louisiana, as development manager, working on a huge CRM project built mainly in WinDev 5.5.

When Katrina put a halt to the project, Fabrice created his second (and current) software company (DataTale LLC). This time, he is offering his expertise in the PCSoft universe as a consultant and is also creating videos courses on the subject. Both activities have generated customers across six of the seven continents... As of now, Antarctica is still fighting!

Along the way, Fabrice has of course added WebDev and WinDev Mobile to his preferred tools, and when he is not working as a consultant, creating new video courses, or working on his own projects, he is very frequently answering questions on the major forums talking about WinDev, WebDev, and WinDev Mobile.