Your data, our knowledge, your solution!

At DataTale, we are all about Data. Your Data. Because your Data is precious.

So our mission is to provide you with tools and services to manage your data in any way you want:

- We write software to manage your data
- We create web sites to display your data
- We advise you on Data management, data security, data transfer
- And we are currently working very hard on innovative technology that will allow you to do a lot of those thing very easily...


DPS par DataTale version 2 has arrived!


DPS par DataTale is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of the guys on the ground. Version 2 includes too many improvements to list here. Just know that:

- it is available,

- all the details (in French) are here: dps.datatale.com

- and here is a short video presentation (in French as the product is currently available in French only). If you would like to get this product in another language, or are interested in translating/reselling it in your country, please contact us.




'DPS par DataTale' is AVAILABLE!

For those of you who don't know, 'DPS par DataTale' is an application for first responders volunteers associations, intervention teams, and search and rescue... It is currently available in FRENCH only and will be translated in the futur if the need arises, so contact us to talk about it.  

Beta-testing is over, and a first SNSM station is using the system for it's day to day operations and rescue missions.

For more details and to try the application, all you need to know is here: dps.datatale.com




New server, largely rewritten web site to include replication (between other things) and many other things coming soon... In other words, there WILL be bugs...

So, proceed with caution, and please report the problems you find to support@datatale.com.



For those who haven't heard yet:

- Fabrice Harari will be joining the team of developers presenting at the WXDevCon, edition 2014, in October.
- WxDevCon is a conference FOR developers using (or wanting to use) the PCSoft products and made BY developers using them... So we are talking about practical stuff, not theory, not marketing, OUR everyday work!
- WxDevCon has been around for some time now, and Fabrice was privileged to be the main speaker at the 2007 and 2009 editions, and also to intervene in the 2013 edition...
Of course, as usual, Marc Beaven and Tim Fishbeck, from Eidetik, are making sure that all the round pegs go into the round holes, and I've seen first hand that they are quite good at that.
All details are available on the event web site: wxdevcon.com

For those who already knew, this is a friendly reminder that the deadline to receive Early Bird pricing for the 2014 WxDevCon is rapidly approaching.  Until 31 July 2014 at 11:59 pm central time, you can save up to 15% on your registration.  
• The 3-day Conference plus 2-day Fundamentals Bootcamp is $1,175.  Regular price is $1,350
• The 3-day Conference alone is $850.  Regular price is $1,000
Also, if you register for the WxDevCon before during the Early Bird period, you will automatically receive two entries into our drawing for a $500 Visa Gift Card!  If you register after the Early Bird ends, you will automatically receive one entry for the drawing.  Please see the Official Rules and Regulations for more details.
With PayPal, you can get more time to pay.  When you check out choose “Bill Me Later” and get 6 months financing!  
The following topics will be presented…
• An optional 2-day Fundamentals Bootcamp
• Ecommerce Classes
• Charts, Graphs, and Dashboards
• Open Source WxReplication
• JQuery and WebDev using new v19 features
• And much more including an opportunity to network with other Wx developers!
Lunch and breaks included!